GeekMom Holiday Traditions: The Felt Christmas Tree

DIY GeekMom
Images: Sarah Pinault

I should have learned my lesson from the felt Thanksgiving tree, which my toddler gave thanks for by screaming like a banshee and shaking the leaves down.

But I refuse to learn from attempts at Pinterest-parenting, and I’m a sucker for Christmas crafts. So today, the felt Christmas tree went up. They get to add ornaments to this tree, play with the ornaments on this tree, and yes, they can destroy it and throw the pieces at each other if they so choose.

I’m not the only one trying this tradition out this year, this tree is as ubiquitous on Pinterest as a well-manicured hand grasping a bottle of nail polish.


To create the tree, I simply folded a piece of green felt in half and hacked away in tree shape! Seriously, if you are not crafty but want to feel like Martha Stewart, this is the craft for you. Just look at my attempts, and not the beautiful ones on Pinterest!

The beauty of this project is that you only need one solid piece of green felt, and the rest can be remnants and scraps from previous projects. You can certainly use stickers, or more ornate hand-cut felt. Given the abuse suffered by our Thanksgiving tree, I wasn’t willing to put the love and care into this Advent treat that I do into our others. It’s a carnage craft in our house, pure carnage.

If you are a handy with a pair of nail scissors, consider using these Star Wars snowflakes from Anthony Herrera as your template. I will personally stick with misshapen orbs. And the carnage? Well it makes the geeklings happy, so have at it!

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