“I just need to finish this guitar part.”


My husband sent me this Foo Fighters documentary clip because he knows I have a soft spot for Dave Grohl–not to mention a soft spot for work-at-home daddies. The moment that melted me (as my hubby knew it would) comes just after the five-minute mark: a sweet exchange between father and daughter. The whole clip is delightful, though: an account of how the band decided to go old-school with the recording of this album: in the garage, on analog tape.

“I learned how to make records on tape,” says Butch Vig, writer/drummer of Garbage and producer of albums by Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and Green Day. “There’s something about that process I love. But you can’t fix things the way you can when you’re working purely in a digital format.”

The raw, real, imperfect quality of the music the band is recording is echoed by the cheerful chaos of family life as depicted in this video. I loved the scenes early on with the band members and their families arriving to kick off the recording session: diaper bags slung over shoulders alongside guitar cases, kids running around underfoot and chowing on hot dogs, the families romping in the pool. It all seems a million miles away from Rock Star Cool–and is all the cooler for it. These are my kind of rock stars.

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2 thoughts on ““I just need to finish this guitar part.”

  1. You know, I think that just makes the Foo Fighters the coolest band EVER! You’re right, totally our kind of rock stars!

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