Fund This! Circuit Stickers, Metal Animal Skulls, and Geeky Stuff for baby and home!

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Happy Holidays! This edition of Fund This features stickers that create circuits, anatomically correct metal animal skulls, and a geeky mom who needs support taking her business to the next level!

photo courtesy of Chibitronics

Circuit Stickers

Peel and stick electronics to craft with? Sign. Me. Up. I am already planning out a whole paper mache Death Star project using these little goodies. I don’t know that there is much more to say, other than I have higher hopes for these than the very testy and unreliable conductive ink that I love and hate. Also, I love stickers.

photo courtesy of Fire & Bone

Fire & Bone: Metal Animal Skulls

Here in the Bay Area, one of my favorite places to visit is The Bone Room. It is exactly what you think it is, a fascinating collection of bones and skulls from all kinds of animals. As an artist, I tend to see it a haven of form and function. As a scientist at heart, I am obsessed with the anatomy, the fossils, the weird and the wonderful. When I saw this Kickstarter, I was immediately transported into the feeling I get when I am in that store. The best part is that I could wear the skull of the animal I feel spiritually connected to or scientifically fascinated by and have that feeling wherever I go! These are beautifully crafted, and you can tell the artisans deeply care about what they are making.

photo courtesy of Seams Geeky

Seams Geeky

Geeky mom selling geeky products needs funding to be able to expand her business and offer more geeky products? Yes! I love her designs, but I love the fact that Elizabeth Dean is creating what she loves. My kids are out of diapers, but how I would have loved that Joystick cloth diaper! Seams geeky offers some standard geek icons, but I like that she is partnering with webcomic artists to add some extra geek options. Plus, it just feels good to help support another WAHM doing what she loves. Hurry though- this campaign ends on Saturday!



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