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Since we already covered books that would be great gifts for kids this year, let’s not forget about the more mature set of individuals who enjoy a good read. If you are also looking for kid’s suggestions, clothes, or maybe a good family game, we have suggestions for those gifts too.

Books Doctor Who A History, Image Lyons Press
Doctor Who: A History Image: Lyons Press

Doctor Who: A History This comprehensive look at all things Doctor is the must-have companion book for the Whovian in your life. Starting with the earliest days of the show right on up through today, there’s not a detail omitted in this history of the show about everyone’s favorite Time Lord. $18.95

Doctor Who The Vault Image: Lisa Tate

Doctor Who: The Vault: Treasures from the First 50 Years (by Marcus Hearn) We own several “vaults” in our home, celebrating everything from Batman to Star Wars, and it is absolutely fantastic to see Doctor Who joining this trend of books in time for gift-giving. In addition to interviews with key cast and crew, there are images of memorabilia making the reading experience that much more fun. $27

Books Geek Crosswords, Image Adams Media
Geek Crosswords Image: Adams Media

Geek Crosswords Test your knowledge of all things geek with 50 themed crosswords that are broken out by level from easy, to medium, to hard. And don’t worry if you can’t remember the answers, because there is an answer key in the back of the book. $8.95

Geek Word Search Image: Adams Media
Geek Word Search Image: Adams Media

Geek Word Search Keep yourself busy trying to find all the words in these geek themed word searches. You’ll get 50 puzzles to ponder, each broken out by level of difficulty, and a handy answer key for when you’re completely stumped. $8.95

Glow A Novel Image Viking Adult
Glow A Novel Image: Viking Adult

Glow: A Novel, by Jessica Maria Tuccelli, takes readers from Washington, D.C., on the brink of World War II, to the antebellum south, complete with slavery, hoodoo, and love. As the setting changes, so too does the dialogue, lending an authenticity to each of the characters as they are woven into the complex lineage of Ella McGee. It’s a captivating read, especially for fans of multi-generational stories. $17

Historic Graphic Novels
Historic Graphic Novels: Image: Zenith Press

Historic graphic novels The Civil War, World War II, and other conflicts are covered in Wayne Vansant’s historical graphic novel series. Each book is meticulously researched and beautifully illustrated, telling about part of the war within a certain context or from a certain point of view. Enjoy the art, and revel in learning about what it was really like, and be moved by the authentic story telling. Prices vary

Material World Image Sierra Club Books
Material World Image: Sierra Club Books
Hungry Planet Image Peter Menzel
Hungry Planet Image: Peter Menzel

Hungry Planet/Material World If you’re shopping for tweens and teens who are interested in societal norms or learning more about the world around them, Hungry Planet and Material World will keep them enthralled. We’ve had both of these books on our shelves for years and they come out again and again. We discover something new each time, it seems. The books themselves are heavy with images; families from around the world are pictured with a week’s worth of groceries (Hungry Planet) or all of their belongings in front of their homes (Material World). See Kris’s GeekMom review for more$18

Into the Wilderness Image Delta
Into the Wilderness Image: Delta

Into the Wilderness  Diana Gabaldon fans will enjoy this captivating series, beginning with Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati. Set in the late 1700s in America, this piece of historical fiction brings together a genteel English family and the Mohawk Nation as Elizabeth Middleton, newly arrived in the wilds of New York, stands for what’s right-and the man she loves. $12

Lets explore diabetes with Owls Image Little, Brown and Company
Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls. Image: Little, Brown and Company

Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls by David Sedaris. David’s books make a perfect holiday present for a wide variety of people on you list. His essays are funny, touching, and smart. His audio versions are the perfect companion for long car/plane rides. Everyone in my family, from my tweens to my husband, find his writing entertaining. We recently profiled Mr. Sedaris on And don’t worry, the book has almost nothing to do with owls or diabetes. But it caught your eye, didn’t it? $18.24

Making Things Move Image Amazon
Making Things Move. Image: Amazon

Making Things Move A unique guide to practical mechanical design principles and their applications. Learn to build moving mechanisms through non-technical explanations, examples, and do-it-yourself projects—from art installations to toys to labor-saving devices. Each chapter features photographs, drawings, and screenshots of the components and systems involved. Emphasis is placed on using off-the-shelf components. $17.38

Mother Daughter Me Image Random House
Mother Daughter Me. Image: Random House

Mother, Daughter, Me, by Katie Hafner, is a beautiful memoir about one family’s journey to figure out how to live in harmony in the present while forgiving the past. I love a true story and this one is so touching. It’s the kind of book you stay up too late at night reading. Katie Hafner’s elderly mother is in need of more supervision so Katie decides to take her in. Their own household is a small one, just her and her daughter, since her husband’s sudden death in his late 40s (a heart wrenching section of the book). They make their way through learning to come out of a difficult childhood and make peace with the present. $18.38

My Basmati Bat Mitzvah: MyBasmatiBatMitzvah.jpg, Abrams Books
My Basmati Bat Mitzvah. Image: Abrams Books

My Basmati Bat Mitzvah Tara Feinstein is an Indian-Jewish-American girl who is struggling to balance her Indian side with her Jewish side as she prepares for her bat mitzvah, and who is struggling with her best friends, Ben-O and Rebecca, as they form other friendships. This entertaining, touching book is a must-have for tween girls, even if they’re not of Indian-Jewish descent. $16.95


Noodlemania! 50 Playful Pasta Recipes As reviewed previously on GeekMom, if your kids are super picky eaters, and you need a way to instill some creative sneaking-of-the-protein-and-produce into the meals, this book is definitely for you. If your kids are beginning to explore cooking, this is also a great book for them. Whether your kids enjoy elaborate pasta dishes, or simply want plain noodles (as I’m sure many of you with toddlers and preschoolers can testify), Noodlemania! covers a wide range of recipes that will put a smile on any kid’s face. $15.95

Zentangles book: Image: Quarry Books

One Zentangle a Day A relatively new phenomenon in the art/doodle category of life is Zentangles. Using small, thick, white paper, you learn to draw designs from nature, from patterns, and from your imagination. The small space you have in which to work forces you to be creative in arranging the elements, but the end result doesn’t take up a lot of room. This book is one good example of a guide, plus you’ll need some thick paper or tiles, along with good drawing ink pens$17.44

Pure Image: Grand Central Publishing

Pure, by Juliana Baggott, is an apocalyptic novel with an interesting premise: many of the characters who survived the “incident” are permanently melded with bits and bobs from the inanimate world. Whatever they were near, or holding, at the time of the detonation is permanently a part of them. Except, of course, for the Pures. $8

Ten Thousand Stories: tenthousandstories. Image: Chronicle Books

Ten Thousand Stories by Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr. Finally, a flip book for grown-ups! This exquisite corpse of a book is from the hilarious husband and wife team that created Idiots Books. Four different flippable panels let you make 10,000 darkly funny stories with beautiful and strange illustrations. $19.95

Unforgettable Photograph Image:
Unforgettable Photograph. Image:

The Unforgettable Photograph: 228 Ideas, Tips, and Secrets for Taking the Best Pictures of Your Life includes hundreds of simple, inspiring ideas and lessons. Each one is illustrated with a photograph and organized around the six essential principles of seeing like a photographer. $13.62

Wool Image:
Wool Image: Simon & Schuster

Wool, by Hugh Howey, is an incredible work of imagination. The author deftly weaves intricate details together to draw the reader into a time hundreds of years after an apocalyptic event. The functioning society looks somewhat familiar, but as the story unfolds we realize that there are more secrets within—and without—his new world. Gutsy and curious Juliette, the story’s central character, stretches societal norms, survives an ordeal that nobody has ever survived, and uncovers a wicked truth. This is an adult novel, a New York Times Bestseller, that will also captivate young adults. $12

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