Take a Look at the Lego Steampunk Kit

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(C) Lego
(C) Lego

The Lego community has already been making some really great steampunk builds (here’s a good list for starters). Now Lego is rewarding us with an actual steampunk set. Due in July, it’s part of the Lego Master Builder Academy and called “Invention Designer.” If you’re not familiar with Lego Master Builder Academy, it means there are multiple kits with even more things to build from them. They’re sets meant to teach building technique and skills. Most of the kits are 3-in-1, meaning that you can make three different things with the same set of bricks. With Level 3 MBA kits, we saw 11-in-1. The steampunk line will be level 4 with three kits and 13 builds.

Lego posted the following image to their Facebook page. If you use the code in the image at lego.com/club, you can download the four-page PDF with all of the details.


For fans of this series of Lego kits, Level 3 Adventure Designer will be available in July as well.

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