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I love Halloween. It’s such a festive time of year when everyone can dress up and be a kid again! Childhood memories abound of favorite costumes and movies, all of the geeky variety! Here are some crafts and treats that are twists on Geeky Halloween favorites.

hocus pocus cake
image by Danna Maret

Hocus Pocus Cake – Danna Maret

If there’s one influential geeky Halloween movie that everyone can agree on it’s Hocus Pocus! Danna Maret did a wonderful job in bringing the magic to life in this Hocus Pocus cake. Check out the fabulous details; it makes you  just want to yell “Boooooook!”

Charlie Brown Emily McCall
image by Emily McCall

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Cosplay – Emily McCall

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is a favorite movie of mine. Every year I wander through the pumpkin patch and think…is this the year?? Emily McCall dressed up her little Charlie Brown for the holidays and surrounded him with real great pumpkins. No one would dare pull a football away from this adorable kid!

reeses pieces cookies by noshwithme
image by NoshWithMe

E.T. Chocolate Peanut Butter Reese’s Pieces Cookies – NoshWithMe

Who can forget the little alien that warmed our hearts and filled our bellies with those delectable peanut butter candies? NoshWithMe took our sugary childhood memories and turned them into cookie form with Oatmeal Reese’s Pieces Cookies. I’m sure E.T. would want some of these for the road home!

mad monster party print
image by Drake Brodahl

Mad Monster Party Art– Drake Brodahl

I know I keep saying this is my favorite movie—no this really is my favorite movie— but I love Halloween so much they are all my favorites! Mad Monster Party was a movie I watched over and over. The stop motion animation is mesmerizing and the character voices from the likes of Boris Karloff and Phyllis Diller really bring everything to life.

Artist Drake Brodahl shows off his love of the movie with this beautiful art print called “Just One Bite” from his etsy store.

image by justJENN

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Party – by justJENN

Ok, Buffy isn’t just for Halloween time; it’s definitely a geeky year round show for most of us. But wooden stakes, blood, vampires, and demons just seem fitting for October 31st. This Buffy the Vampire Slayer party had it all, from Giant Pocky “Mr. Pointys” to “Back From the Grave” cupcakes with zombie hands reaching out of cookie dirt. Spooky and delicious!

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