Review: Monster Fluxx–A Spooky New Addition to the Fluxx Family

All Photos by Lisa Kay Tate
Looney Labs’ new Monster Fluxx, the latest in their line of Fluxx card and tabletop games. Photo by Lisa Kay Tate

We’ve always been a tabletop gaming family, as well as Halloween enthusiasts, so when Looney Labs announced Monster Fluxx, a variation of its wildly popular card game Fluxx, we couldn’t wait to give it try.

The best thing from this mom’s point of view is the compactness and portability of this and all the Fluxx games. I can keep these in the kitchen drawer for easy access on game nights or toss it in my travel bag for overnight road trips. I’m forever looking for ways to avoid the television during hotel stays, and games like these are perfect pre-bed family activities.

This variation, featuring artwork of “premier monster artist” Derek Ring, features many of the favorite mainstays of the monster genre, including the classic mad scientist and creature, vampires, zombies, ghosts, teenage detectives, and a one-eyed moon man.

Keep an eye on the goal and actions, as they will change throughout gameplay. Photo by Lisa Kay Tate
Keep an eye on the goal and actions, as they will change throughout gameplay. Photo by Lisa Kay Tate

The basic starting premise, as with most Fluxx games, is simple: draw a card/play a card per turn. However, that simplicity gets laid to waste once the first card is played. Thanks to the use of new rules and ever-changing goals, Monster Fluxx goes off in more directions than a confetti canon.

This frenetic quality caused the biggest points of frustration regarding the game, but also created some of the most fun moments. This is not a game for the easily distracted, as close attention must be paid to ensure you don’t get utterly, completely, and devastatingly lost (like I admittedly did a time or two).  There were also a few times when we weren’t entirely sure we were playing correctly. This is part of the beauty of the game, as it made for some big laughs and silly conversation; one of our main reasons for enjoying these types of games.

Patience is a key to getting the most out of this one as a family. Some younger players might need a few go-rounds before they catch on, while others who enjoy role-playing card games like Pokémon or Magic: The Gathering might find this a snap.

Two things are certain: it won’t be the same game twice and there will never be a dull moment for any player.

Monster Fluxx retails for $9.99, and is intended for 2 to 6 players, age 8 and older. Learn more at

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