Lego’s — a Parent’s New Friend

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Lego Car
Photo: Judy Berna

As a busy parent to four children I do my best to spend valuable time with each of my offspring. But sometimes it’s hard, when alone time only appears in 15- to 20-minute intervals. That’s why I absolutely love the new website hosted by Lego. It can be found at and its sole purpose is to give you creative ways to share the joy of building with your kids, even when your time is limited.

My favorite part of this website is the challenge ideas. When you click the ‘Ready, Set, Build’ link you’re presented with a variety of projects you can build with your child, sorted by how difficult the task is and how long it will take. Just have 15 minutes? There’s a challenge that fits in that time frame.

Do you have a Lego builder who wants something a bit more difficult? There’s a link for harder builds, with the estimated time required listed below each project.

Lego launched this site with a fun commercial and will keep updating the site with new activities and builds in the future.

Life flies by so quickly. Spend some time with your child today. Whether you read to them, sing with them, or build with them, you’re building memories they won’t soon forget. And if you have a few Lego bricks in your house, I’d highly recommend you click over and find some new ways to have fun building together.

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