Amazon’s Maker Shack Agency to Highlight Science and Problem-Solving

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“Maker Shack Agency” will follow three teenage thinkers and tinkerers, who use science and personal ingenuity to solve their client’s problems. Image: Amazon.

Forget House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black. Of course, Netflix has produced some awesome original programming. However, Amazon is getting something ready for the kiddies—and it’s got a scientific twist.

Amazon Studios has just given the green light to Maker Shack Agency, a new children’s series that will stream through Amazon Prime. It features 13-year-old inventor Angus Wolfe (please call him “Wolfie”), as well as his two best friends and fellow “makers,” Jo and Merle. Each episode will find the three using science and creativity to come up with all sorts of super-cool problem-solving inventions.

To keep the show realistic, the Maker Shack Agency production crew plans to work closely alongside the scientists, engineers and programmers of Applied Minds. Produced by Electus Studios, the live-action show will target kids ages 6 to 11.

“We are incredibly excited for our first initiative with Amazon and we look forward to inspiring the next generation of makers,” said Drew Buckley, chief operating officer and head of digital for Electus. “With Maker Shack Agency, we hope to inspire kids to think about new and different ways to solve life’s problems and to never be afraid of failure—as Wolfie always says, ‘Fail Forward.'”

Maker Shack Agency is the latest kids’ pilot that Amazon is putting on the fast track. Last month, Amazon Studios announced five other pilots, all of which should be available by early next year. All six of the streaming options will debut on Amazon Instant Video, where customers will be able to comment on the episodes. Earlier this year, Alpha House, Betas, Annebots, Creative Galaxy, and Tumble Leaf were given series orders, thanks to customer feedback. Those options will start streaming through Prime Instant Video later this year and in early 2014.

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