Bil Keane, Creator of The Family Circus Comic, Passes Away

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Bil Keane, who is best known for creating the comic The Family Circus, has passed away at age 89. He passed away from congestive heart failure after his condition worsened over the last month.

When I was young, my parents got the local newspaper every day. Being a kid, my favorite section of the paper was always the comics and one of my favorite comics was The Family Circus.

Now that I’m a mom, I still like reading this comic when we get our weekly Sunday paper because it reminds me of my childhood. And the antics of the children in this family remind me a bit of the things my daughter says and does.

So R.I.P. Bill Keane and thank you for making the comics section of the newspaper a little more sweet and whimsical. You can read more about this story at Yahoo.

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2 thoughts on “Bil Keane, Creator of The Family Circus Comic, Passes Away

  1. Like many comic strip artists from that time, Bil based it on his family– “Jeffy” Jeff Keane is the one that’s doing the strip now.

    I do like this strip, but I am finding that some people my generation and younger don’t relate so much to it. One blogging friend simply proclaimed it “bad”, and I basically said, “Hun, you obviously aren’t part of the target audience.”

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