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I’m writing in the brief lull between Crazy Thursday at Comic-Con and Even Crazier Friday at Comic-Con. Yesterday was a perfect day at the con–the crowd-size was respectable but not overwhelming, the panels I attended were terrifically interesting (more about those in a future post), and there were plenty of costumes worth swooning over.

This was one the swooniest, by a mile.

This fabulous Neo-Victorian Biologist costume was made by a bona fide geek mom. Sara Jones’s background in costume design comes in handy when her daughter Linden Reid needs garb for SDCC. My photo–snapped with a camera that was being obstreperous all day–does not do this amazing creation justice. The detail-work was exquisite, especially on Linden’s butterfly-collector’s backpack.

I have loads of SDCC awesomeness to write about later, but right it’s time to head back into the fray. I’m wishing I had Sara Jones here to liven up my wardrobe a little!

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