Kaijudo, Image: Wizards of the Coast

The First Kaijudo Card Sliver, Revealed!

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Kaijudo, Image: Wizards of the Coast

GeekMom is thrilled to reveal the very first card sliver in the new Kaijudo contest that has fans scouring the internet to piece together a series of all-new, super-rare cards.

Here’s the situation…

A Triple Strike is underway at the hands of The Choten and his evil Minions. They have captured Tatsurion, Squeaky and Gargle from the Creature Realm and it’s up to us to save them! We need to be very careful so that The Choten doesn’t know we’re on to him.

Starting today, new clues will be revealed online through the Kaijudo Community, their Facebook and at sites like GeekMom. Each of these clues is a sliver of card art from three exclusive creature cards.

There will be 21 separate clues in all that will give you a first look at these cards from the 40-card all foil Elite Series deck that doesn’t arrive in stores until July 12th. Armed with your sneak peek, you’ll be perfectly prepared to do battle with the new decks.

Good luck and happy gaming!

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