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Image By Jeanne Masar
Image By Jeanne Masar

Star Trek With Kids Update…

We are about to begin Season Five of The Next Generation and it’s been good, real good. The journey began with an idea to share Voyager with my kids. It’s a series that means a lot to me. But then I realized they should have some background before we got into that part of the timeline. But to begin at the beginning would take soooo long. So I asked for help from readers like you. I compiled the suggestions into a big list, and we began our Star Trek watching adventure.

Half-way through the Original Series, I was surprised at the quality. We finished the series and I even wrote some bad poetry about it. We took a month off from starting the next series because…well, we really liked the old one. It was hard to say good-bye. We watched The Wrath of Khan just to linger more in that world. They got so old! But we finally started The Next Generation.

It was great to see their reaction to the line, “…to boldly go where no one has gone before.” They were both thrilled with the change.

It took a few episodes to warm up to the new cast, but we are in deep now. We just watched “The Host” and were impressed with Jonathan_Frakes‘ acting. Soon we’ll go back and forth between TNG and Deep Space Nine since they aired at the same times.

The kids like Data (of course.) Troi is completely underutilized. Picard is awesome. And they think it’s so weird to see Wesley as the kid from Stand By Me, and the “old” guy that is part of their mom’s geeky online culture stuff.

We continue…

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2 thoughts on “Half-Way Through Next Generation

  1. We’ll start Season 5 hopefully next week? It’s so hard to find time when all four of us are home and not doing something else!

    These are the recommended ones for that season:
    2 Darmok
    5 Disaster
    19 The First Duty
    21 The Perfect Mate
    23 I, Borg
    25 The Inner Light
    26 Time’s Arrow (1)

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