When Do You Stop Reading a Blog?

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Screenshot - not an entirely true representation of my reading habits
Screenshot – not an entirely true representation of my reading habits as this is an ill used feed.

Shortly after my son was born in 2009, I was introduced to the world of blogging. The time swallowing, opinionated, photo heavy world of blogging. I’m not talking about blogging like we do at GeekMom, or blogging like Jenny Lawson or Wil Wheaton.

I’m talking about the family oriented blog, the no-longer-confined-to-mommy mommy blog, the craft blog.

I’m going to preface this by saying I do not judge what you choose to blog, I’m just judging what I choose to read! I have been following the exploits of one unnamed family for a while, I have even followed one of her “haters” because I find the sarcastic retorts hilarious. As with most things in my life, I take what I find useful, endearing, or entertaining and disregard the rest. All I see is a snapshot of a life, I know I’m not getting the full picture. I know it’s not important that I agree with everything.

If you blog-hop, eventually your RSS feeder is going to be full of daily must reads. I occasionally have a clean out, people who no longer blog, people who started to blog purely in pictures, or whose interests changed and no longer matched mine.

Recently, I had to stop myself from following the blog I had the longest relationship with, the aforementioned unnamed family for a reason I did not see coming; the consumer evolution of the personal blog.

For a while I have been finding their exploits to be less entertaining, but life changes us all and who am I to judge? It wasn’t anything they did or said that turned me off, it wasn’t even the sponsored posts at the behest of a corporate sponsor. It was the guest blogger, the everyday guest blogger, the recurring guest blogger, the I’ve-forgotten-whose-blog-this-is blogger. The blog was still ostensibly a family oriented blog, but I could see it slowly becoming a brand, and not a brand for which I personally care to allow multiple voices into my head!

Image: Amazon.com
Image: Amazon.com

I remember the first time I realized that The Pioneer Woman no longer authored all the posts on her site. Part of me was excited at the potential of this world we inhabit, part of me was devastated and determined to petition a name change from “Woman” to “Women”.

When I started reading GeekMom, long before I started writing here, I knew I was getting into something with multiple voices, many angles, a virtual cornucopia of experience. It’s one of the things I enjoyed about the platform. Yet this isn’t something I expect from the personal blogs I follow, unless, of course, that person has multiple personalities. Certainly these people owe me nothing, and their decision to stop providing their own content is just that, their decision. It’s just not appealing to me and so off the feed you go.

I’m sure I’ll look in every so often, but no longer will I be alerted to something new. So I’ve found my blogging turn off but it’s hard to define. I still read The Pioneer Women, though very often I choose to ignore anything not written by the glorious Ree.

But this other blog? I’m not liking the blogger-sell-out button they pushed. I’m not sure where my line is but they crossed it. I can’t be the only one with such quirks, what are your blogging turn offs?

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