Pterosaur Trouble Brings Prehistoric Creatures to Life

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Image: Kids Can Press
Image: Kids Can Press

The next book in Daniel Loxton’s Tales of Prehistoric Life series, Pterosaur Trouble brings us back to the world of the extinct with a new tale to tell, this time about a pterosaur.

While the computer graphics in the first book in the series, Ankylosaur Attack, which I reviewed previously, were very well done, they are even more life like in this second book. This is due to the unique combination of computer generated graphics and landscape photography. It makes it look like the dinosaurs are really walking through the woods or thrashing in the water.

This story is all about the quetzalcoatlus, a huge flying reptile. It starts out like a day in the life of this pterosaur, talking about other creatures that he encounters. But even before he can eat breakfast, he runs into some trouble. What happens next?

The last page of the book describes the science and history behind the species talked about in the book. For example, the quetzalcoatlus wasn’t a dinosaur, nor was it a bird. Read the book to learn more!

Pterosaur Trouble retails for $16.95. It is aimed at kids age 4-7, and is 32 pages long. I recommend it to any dinosaur-loving kids, and to those who love science. It’s a great book for parents and kids to read together.

Note: You can also read my interview with author Daniel Loxton, and also check out his most excellent book on evolution for kids, Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to Be.

I received a copy of this book for review purposes.

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