Make Me Laugh!

School of Thrones produced by Whitney Milam.

I’ve been taking many breaks during the day to watch silly videos. This is because it’s early Spring in NorthEast America. What does that have to do with anything? Let me try to explain:

Early Spring is like Mother Nature’s mother saying little brother Benny had to have a season too, even though Benny can’t even get his underwear on correctly, let alone figure out the weather.


Yeah, so to keep me from ripping my children’s heads off for no particular reason other than they seem to be there all the time, I’ve found some web channels that lighten the mood. Sometimes I even watch them with my kids. The channels have multiple funny videos; here are my favorites. Hope you enjoy them too!

Chris Kendall is consistently hilarious, and in this video he says my name several times! (PG-13)

Written By A Kid is so random and silly, my entire family enjoys it.

Okay, so Lizzie Bennet Diaries aren’t funny, but I have had so much fun keeping up with the videos all year. I can’t find time for regular TV, but five minute, well produced web series are exactly right. If you like Pride and Prejudice…

Simon’s Cat is always sweet. How do the bunny’s huge eyes fit behind his paws?

Happy Slip is made by a funny mom!

Teachers is so cynical and funny.

School of Thrones. *snort*

What else? Some new web series like Lizzie Bennet? A funny series I never heard of? Tell me!

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