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The Editors and Contributors of GeekMom are very excited (and not a little bit nervous) to announce today that we’re flying solo once again!

What we mean is that we’re back doing this blogging thing all on our own now, as we did before we moved over to Wired last May. We are no longer affiliated with Wired.com.

Six years ago, our founder and patron Chris Anderson started the current incarnation of GeekDad as a personal blog to share online the projects he was doing with his kids. At the time, in his position as Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of Wired magazine, he arranged to host the blog on Wired.com, and started a partnership that saw the blog grow exponentially and bring a new demographic of readers to the Wired universe.

In September of 2010, the four women writing for GeekDad–Natania Barron, Kathy Ceceri, Corrina Lawson and Jenny Williams–founded GeekMom with a batch of intrepid contributors. We were proud to join the GeekDad on Wired.com last year.

But time moves on. Chris, as well as Wired.com EIC Evan Hansen who was a great champion of the partnerships with GeekDad and GeekMom, have departed Wired. Now seems the right time to take a bold step forward, and away from our comfort zone.

As such, we’ve re-launched on our own server with a whole new look. But underneath it’s the same team of Editors and Contributors who have brought you the best, geekiest news, projects, humor, and great personal stories for the last six years. In the coming months, you’ll see us start to stretch our (again, metaphorical) wings as we broaden our content offerings and even expanded our membership. But at its heart, GeekMom will continue in its core mission: to write about whatever interests us as geeks and parents.

You can continue to connect with us at the following places:

But you will need to update your RSS to catch all our new content.
Our new RSS newsfeed address.

Change is scary, but the timing is right to make this move. Our time partnering with Wired was wonderful, and we leave wishing our friends there continued success as the best tech magazine and best online news organization in the world.

Now it’s time to reverse the polarity, run a bypass, get up to 88mph, and shake the pillars of heaven!

[Oh, and while the timing may be suspect, no, this is not an April Fool’s Day joke. This is for real.]

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9 thoughts on “Welcome to the New GeekMom!

  1. Yay! I personally loved Geekmom when it was its own entity before, anyway. Are we still going to be able to access old content? I could check bookmarks but figured I’d ask, too!

  2. What a nice surprise when I when I typed in geekmom.com and came here instead of being re-directed to the wired site. And both you and geekdad at the same time too.

    I’ve liked your site and the articles since I found you.

    So what’s the story? I notice that there are still new posts on the on wired.com/geekmom/ Is wired keeping that site?

    Keep up the good work…

  3. I second the solo love for GeekMom! Congratulations on spreading your wings! 🙂

  4. very col new look! excited about your future. I’m a long time reader so I’m happy to follow wherever 🙂

  5. Holy giant text Batwoman! Looks fine on my iPhone but even on my iPad (in landscape) the text is oddly oversized, and on my PC, at 23px equivalent, it’s almost too large to read comfortably.

    Glad to have finally found y’all again though, the title “Keeping up with the Geekmoms” in my rss reader wasn’t enough for me to figure out that you’d actually moved until I finally went to the site to see if I could figure out what had happened to you. But at least *you* left a forwarding address; I had no idea Geekdad had moved either until I read this post. I had started to wonder if both sites had been shut down. Looking forward to catching up with both sites.

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