Disney Storytime Squeezes 20 Books Into One Great App

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Disney is back with another fantastic storybook app for the iPhone and iPad, this time in the form of Disney Storytime, which boasts the largest collection of Disney books in one app. Children can share 20 adventures with their favorite Disney characters, from princesses like Belle, to Lightning McQueen and Buzz Lightyear, and even hard to find classics like the Aristocats. Disney Storytime shares stories perfectly suited for young readers and encourages them to follow along and read.

Disney Storytime comes with three books with the initial purchase, featuring familiar faces from Toy Story, Tangled, and Monsters, Inc. Children can choose to have a narrator read to them as the words are highlighted on screen to help them follow along. The narration is high-quality and goes at just the right pace to hold interest; each page also features charming illustrations and an interactive sound effect to keep kids engaged.

Additional books must be purchased through the easy-to-use in-app store, where the additional 17 books can be bought as a bundle for $8.99. My daughter, who was ecstatic to see an Incredibles book in the list, negotiated using her piggy bank money to purchase it. Not all of the books are new stories, however. If you already have an extensive collection of Disney Princess books on your bookshelves, for example, be aware that you might be buying a digital copy of some of them as well.

Disney Storytime also features a fun option for you or your child to record your own narration and sound effects, as well as the creation of an avatar for your kids, which makes the app personalized just for your family.

Disney Storytime for the iPhone and iPad costs $1.99 in the App Store with three books included.

A promotional copy of the app was provided for review purposes.

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