Road to Kickstarter: The Kickstarter Video

Road to Kickstarter 7: Update on Social Media and Catching My Breath

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Road to Kickstarter: The Kickstarter Video
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This update is going to be short and sweet, as I was on vacation for a good part of last week. I’ve been trying to pull together the different social media sites and make them useful. As I said earlier, I am concentrating on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, in addition to my website. We will see if Facebook lets me change the name of my page to reflect the URL I got for this. But, in the end, I can recreate if needed.

Here is a quick look at each:


Looking forward:

Hopefully, the chaos that I have been in over the last week will clear, and things will come together, as my self-set deadline is coming up. I just want everything to work happily together, and it will hopefully get there soon.

Until next week,

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