Holding Our Children Closer Tonight

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Image: Helene McLaughlin

When you send your kids to school you trust that they will be safe and loved. Days like today are what rock the core of every parent, challenging that feeling of trust. Today, at least 28 people died as the result of a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. Most of the shootings happened in one area of the building with reports confirming 18 children died, and rumors suggest that they were likely some of the youngest students at the K-4 grade school.

I put my 4 year old on a his normal school bus at noon, came home and found out about the shooting. My heart dropped. It was everything I could do not to run out and hug him. Instead, I waited, stayed home, prayed for all of those affected in Connecticut, and asked myself the unanswerable question. Why? Why do kids keep dying?

My babies are fine, but there are so many who are not. Given that there are no perfect answers to any of these hard questions, all I can do is hold my boys a bit closer tonight. Tonight, I will tell them I love them. Tonight I’ll continue working to inspire change in the world… starting with them.

Today our world was rocked. Tonight we must start the repairs.

I speak for everyone at GeekMom when I say our thoughts are with those effected in Connecticut and all over the world.

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