These High Performance Shirts Aren’t Grandma’s Polyester

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When my kids were tiny I dressed them in distinctly thrift shop-ish natural fiber clothes. Now that they’re older, into backpacking and sports, my kids are teaching me to rethink my poly assumptions. The high performance garments they prefer aren’t anything like grandma’s polyester.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to review an item from Montauk Tackle. This small clothing company is run by outdoor enthusiasts with a geeky insistence on getting their products perfect. They use nano-technologies to build in stain release, ultraviolet protection, moisture wicking, and anti-microbial properties. Whenever possible they incorporate recycled polyester. Because the emphasis is on usable, durable, and breathable fabrics they’re thrilled that the number one customer comment is “comfortable as wearing nothing.”

They’re also dedicated to donating volunteer hours and a portion of their sales to grassroots environmental groups. And everything is American made, putting your dollars back into building the economy. This is the kind of company I like my wallet to support.

high performance shirts,
Stain, stink, and sun-resistant. (

I asked for a review sample my husband could wear. They sent a lovely sage green 1/4 zip fleece for him and added a blue performance hoodie for me. (Me, the organic cotton girl!) I’ve got to say, this gear is awesome. My natural fiber pretensions dissipated as I noticed that a lightweight hoodie manages to keep me warm when it’s chilly and cool when it’s sunny. It also has a flattering fitted look. I know these clothes look brand new after multiple washings because the men’s fleece has been in continuous use between my husband and our older boys.

Although the company’s site is geared to fishing, their garments are great for those of us who’ve never tossed a line in the water. These shirts are built to last and worth the price. You can even buy performance button-down shirts for men, who surely could use some of those moisture wicking qualities during long workday meetings, although I’m not sure I know any guys who’ll challenge the company’s claim that the shirts aren’t stained by blood or red wine. That would be quite the meeting. (Maybe they’ll bring out a line of women’s button-down performance shirts if customers request them?)

You may be pleased to know that Montauk Tackle makes shirts worn by the crew on History’s Shark Wranglers and supports the non-profit research organization OCEARCH to learn about the ocean’s giants. Me, I’m pleased to finally let go of my poly prejudices. I’m bookmarking their site for some holiday shopping.



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