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One thing you NEVER want to do when working at the G4 network is send out a funny internet video, or picture, or piece of news that is considered “Old.” Because if you did – someone was right there waiting to yell, “OOOOOOLLLLDDDD” at you.

And since the job of the folks at Attack of the Show! was to scour the interwebz for the latest cool thing, “old” could often mean ONE DAY or even HOURS. So believe me, there was always a warm body who was willing to gleefully yell OLD at you. Or type it as fast as they could.

Face it: It’s not just G4 peeps. Nobody wants to get hit in the face with the OLDhammer, it’s totally embarrassing. (Though I will admit that being the first person to yell, “OLD” at someone in a meeting did taste pretty sweet.)

Life outside of G4 isn’t that up-to-the-minute – but come on, I bet you don’t want to seem like you aren’t able to keep up with the times, do you?

So here you go –


You’re welcome.

And if you’ve seen this already, SPARE ME.

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1 thought on “Old or No?

  1. I understand the need to be current on a show, but ragging on a normal person for being out of the loop is one of the most corrosive things nerds do to their own community.

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