The Lego Lemonade Stand… in Progress.

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Photo: Karen Nolan (Lego)

It turned out to be a great first day on the Great Lego Lemonade Stand Build in downtown Philadelphia yesterday! If you didn’t catch the post about this great fundraiser for pediatric cancer research, check out the information we gave you yesterday or go to Alex’s Lemonade Stand to get the details.

In a nutshell, if you’re in the Philadelphia area, take a minute to stop by and help finish this colorful, important project. One of our favorite Lego Master Builders, Steve Gerling (seen in this photo, standing at the right) designed the unique project and is on site to orchestrate its construction.

If you’re all about the actual lemonade, show up tomorrow (Saturday, June 9) to take part in smaller, speciality builds and get your free cup of refreshment. Maybe it will inspire you to go home and make your own stand out of any raw materials of your choosing (I’d personally suggest a card table and a folding chair, but that’s just me…).

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