Tabletop Forge Will Make Google+ Hangouts Awesome

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I used to tabletop game many years ago.  And then I had kids, and all my games got shoved into the back of the closet and away from swallowing and scattering little hands. These days, there are many things that prevent me from doing it, including time, messy living room, storage space, childcare arrangements, and geographic proximity to other players. Tabletop Forge doesn’t have any time travel technology to give me a couple extra hours for gaming, but it can help with the other problems.

Google+ Hangouts are already an ideal place to meet with your tabletop players, and there are already folks who use it for this. Tabletop Forge is an effort to make it even easier with things like rolling virtual dice and showing virtual maps. No more pieces to get scattered? Score! They’re asking for Kickstarter funding to buy some art, and they’re only looking to raise $5000.

Yeah, there’s plenty of other virtual tabletops out there. Check out this chart for a comparison. I like the idea of leveraging an existing platform like Google+ Hangouts and making a system that would support a lot of different games instead of reinventing the wheel with a proprietary platform that only works with one game.

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