Chevy “Stay Clutch” Challenge: Drive a Stick, Win MLB All-Star Tickets

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2013 Chevy Sonic, Image: Chevrolet

A lot of us learned to drive a stick-shift somewhere back in high school or college. A lot of us shed more than a few tears as we got stuck on hills, ground the gears, and made whoever owned that car want to pull out their hair and push us out of the driver’s seat. It’s a skill you never forget once you learn, just like riding a bike, but what if you’ve never had the chance? Chevy aims to help new drivers learn with their new Stay Clutch challenge.

With reports showing that the number of stick-shifts on the road is increasing, the Stay Clutch challenge gives novice drivers a chance to win a lesson from celebrity instructors in Kansas City along with tickets to the 2012 State Farm Home Run Derby and MLB All-Star Games. To enter, potential new stick-shift drivers start by heading over to the Sonic Challenge Facebook page.

There they can learn about the Sonic with its hill start assists technology and progressive clutch pedal which make the whole learning curve a lot easier to manage. Really, where was this when I was learning and rolled backward down a hill to the blaring horns of what seemed like a thousand people?

Once they’ve had a chance to check out the basics, they can enter by submitting a video on why they should be one of four semi-finalists to win the driving lesson and tickets to the games. One very lucky winner will also receive two tickets to Game One of the World Series! So, if you, or your new driver, has yet to master driving stick, head on over to the Chevy Sonic Facebook page and enter for your chance to win!

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