Angry Birds + LEGO Bricks = Awesome

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I am one of the last three people on Earth who has still not played Angry Birds. But, I am not so clueless as to not recognize the characters from the game. And even I grasp the sheer awesomeness of the Angry Birds LEGO mash-up crafted by Tsang Yiu Keung. Have a few minutes to kill? Check out the complete album on Facebook. It’s quite impressive (as is the workshop you’ll see in some of the images).


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2 thoughts on “Angry Birds + LEGO Bricks = Awesome

  1. I resisted for several months, then downloaded it in June to give the kids something new to do while I was running a bunch of errands this past summer. My kids got addicted, then I got addicted…then my husband got REALLY addicted. I think hubby just this week finished the entire game.

    Before downloading, think really hard about whether you’ll have the time for the addictiveness of Angry Birds! But at least it’s somewhat educational.

    My sons were big Boom Blox (for the Wii) fans before this…

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