Snowboarding With Yoda – Lessons For Star Wars-Loving Kids


For kid who love the Star Wars movies, learning to snowboard just got about ten times more exciting. The Sierra at Tahoe Resort, in California, has teamed up with Burton snowboards and created a unique learning environment on the slopes. If you have a Youngling in your household (ages 3-4) or a Padawan (ages 5-6) you need to check this out.

Photo: Sierra at Tahoe Resort

The experience is called The Burton Star Wars Experience, and it takes place in two steps. To master balance training, newbies start inside, at the Padawan Center. Then they head out to Yoda’s Ringlet Park where they interact with Star Wars characters as they practice in custom-made drop-in nodes. Instructors help their students to master control on the snow by hooking them up with the Riglet Reel, a kind of tow rope that attaches to small snowboards.

A full day of this one-of-a-kind experience will set you back a mere $135, which includes lunch and snacks. Not a bad price for a jump start on a lifetime of boarding. And what better way to learn than using the Jedi Master Yoda’s methods of balance, movement, and control, with a little Chewbacca thrown in for good measure?

My sincere thanks to my friends at, for letting me in on this new way to enjoy the mountains.


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