The GeekMoms Podcast #17 The Walking Dead

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This week GeekMom Nicole Wakelin is joined by Kristin Rielly of Geek Girls Network  to talk about the biggest zombie show on television, The Walking Dead. Do they love it? Do they hate it? Has the show, um, jumped the zombie? Tune in and find out!

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1 thought on “The GeekMoms Podcast #17 The Walking Dead

  1. hey, i enjoyed the show, but i think your expert on zombies should go back and reread the comics.

    ****************COMIC SPOILERS**********************

    Everyone who dies without a brain injury coming back as a zombie totally happens in the comics. Rick even goes back to where he buried Shane after Carl killed him in order to put a bullet in zombie Shane’s head.

    Also this has been being hinted at in the show for a long time… At the CDC Jenner whispered something in Rick’s ear, and a lot of us have been waiting to hear that everyone is already infected and will turn when they die. The zombie bites just kill you through a horrible infection because that is a seriously rotten germ infested mouth! As for the “scratches” on the two deputies, speculation is that Rick just said that so he wouldn’t have to tell Shane what Jenner told him…

    Anyway! I still love the show (although the comics are far darker and more intense so far).

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