This Week With The GeekMoms


Dakster Sullivan is gearing up for Megacon 2012. She is really excited to armor up and serve the Empire. Her husband and son are also excited to see all the costumes and toys. As always the 501st legion will be close by and in full force alongside the Rebel Legion and Southern R2 Builders group.

Sarah is the shape and consistency of a small dense planet as she pushes into the 40th week of pregnancy. Thankfully this GeekMoms Mom is here from England to look after things while Sarah eats spicy food and goes on lots of bumpy car rides in the surrounding countryside! While resting she has managed to get hooked on Downton Abbey and finish watching Series 4 of The Tudors.

Chaos Mandy is going to be driving with her family to her best friend’s house for a game day this weekend. They will be playing Munchkin, Settlers of Catan and more.

Amy had a fabulous time at Toy Fair. She’ll be writing recaps here and on Media Macaroni, and she managed to score two of Activision’s Toy-Fair-exclusive Cynder Skylanders. One she’s keeping for her 6-year-old, and the other she’s giving away.

Marziah is knee-deep in IEP meetings and parent teacher conferences, but she’s thankfully done with science fair secretarial duties for a while.

Kristen Rutherford is heading down to Lafeyette, LA for the sure-to-be-epic wedding of Blair Herter & Jessica Chobot. Then on Lundi Gras, the family is driving up to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras ALL WEEK LONG. The last time she was there was just after Katrina, so she’s looking forward to seeing how far the city has come since then, and visiting with the amazing folks of St. Bernard’s Parish.

Rebecca Angel is hoping to go to the Berkshire Botanical Gardens next week. So far the weather has been oddly good for traveling, but Rebecca assumes that since she is finally planning a long drive, the snow will kick in. We’ll see.

Kris Bordessa‘s son spends a lot of time creating original Lego projects and adding photos of them to a Lego group on Flickr. You can imagine his excitement to find out that one of his photos was chosen for the Lego Designer Trend Wall and will be displayed inside the Lego Design Studio in Denmark.

Kelly is crossing her fingers that her three year old isn’t outgrowing her nap already — Mass Effect 3 is coming out soon!

Brigid just finished the first painting in a new series of Angels. Who knew pansies were so fun to paint?


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