Remote Control Trucks Dig Out Basement



A big imagination makes playing with remote control toys more fun. Tiny race cars don’t sound like angry gnats on the driveway,they roar with 1,000 horsepower growls as they hurl around a Formula 1 track. Little yellow excavators, dump trucks, and loaders don’t just transport stuffed animals across the family room, they move rocks and dirt to accomplish big jobs. Sometimes the operator holding the remote becomes so entranced that make-belive becomes real. At least until dinner time.

But one man in Saskatchewan, Canada is using his fleet of RC construction equipment to dig out the basement of his house. For the past seven years, Joe hauls a toy-sized excavator on an RC truck to the basement, unloads it, and digs. He uses a miniature crusher, transfers the dirt to dump trucks and tractor-pulled trailers, and brings to ground level using a spiral ramp. At the rate of a little under 10 cubic feet removed each year, Joe has a long way to go. And this RC geek is thrilled. During temperate months he’s a farmer. But when it’s cold outside he works, really works, his RC equipment. As he told,

…the RC’s are not here to excavate my basement, but rather the basement excavation project is here for the RC’s.

What a better place to have an all-weather playground than under your house? It’s just a few steps away when I have time for it, it’s a comfy place to be when it’s -30C [-22 Fahrenheit] outside. I am in no hurry to finish.







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1 thought on “Remote Control Trucks Dig Out Basement

  1. These remote control toy trucks are really cool and awesome. I thought they are big trucks that dig out the basement. Even though they are not big, they can still do their job.

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