Millie and the Lost Key App Review

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Millie and the Lost Key is a storybook app for young children from Megapops LLC and available on both the iPad and iPhone.   Millie is a playful pup who leads children on an interactive story adventure.

Picture from Megapops LLC

In Millie and the Lost Key a walk in Central Park  becomes an adventure as children help Millie on a quest to find The Lost Key to Endless Bacon.  There’s a read-to-me and read-it-yourself option, hidden virtual stickers, mini-games, pop-ups, music, and sound effects (and a cute dog on every page).  It combines art with real-life photographs.  (And bacon.  But not real bacon.)

Picture from Megapops LLC

When asked to give this app a try, I gave it to my seven year old, who loves trying out new apps, especially interactive stories.  She tried the “read-to-me” version first on my iPhone.  She found the game to be very easy to use and had fun finding the stickers on each page and playing the games as the story progressed.  As a still-emerging reader she liked how the words lit up so she could follow along.  Also, she found idea of a quest for “endless bacon” to be incredibly funny (and asked me to make her bacon after she finished).  She “oohed” and “ahhed” over the adorable art, especially the puppy.  She did think that it was sometimes a little too easy, though she does admit it’s probably aimed at slightly younger children.  She also would have liked there to be even more games.  Overall she found it entertaining and has played it several times and has asked me to download more Millie books for her.

Picture from Megapops LLC

Millie and the Lost Key is one of three Millie books currently available.  Millie was Here is currently available for free.  Millie’s Book of Tricks and Treats is also available.

Warning, you may be asked to make bacon after your children play with this app.

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