The Weekly, Geekly Rewind — September 11, 2012

Image by: NASA, public domain

Science & Tech

Want to know more about Google Fiber and all the buzz around it? Check out Marziah’s post about Kansas City and all the goings on.

From the New York Times on weather, from Andrea (via Patricia) — says Patricia: “It gives accolades to the accuracy of today’s meteorologists in an era of information overload, when we can’t predict all weather at all moments of time even with today’s amazing computing power. It also gives some insight to some of the tactics of the NWS compared to private weather industry (such as how The Weather Channel will never call for a 50% chance of rain).”


Games & Media

Get the inside scoop on Valve’s corporate culture from the New York Times.

You may remember the kerfuffle about the distorted/contorted Catwoman in DC’s new 52–we’re happy to report that the cover’s been tweaked to, you know, actually remotely resemble an actual person (cat-like superpowers or no). DC changed the contorted Catwoman cover!

There’s one week left to Jules’s IndieGoGo campaign for Five Little Zombies and Fred a not-for-children children’s book on zombies. Of course. Get thee hence and get on board!

Ready Player One is our pick for this month’s book club. If you haven’t gotten your copy, it’s not too late! Check out the intro post to learn more.

Ever wonder what editing comics is like, as a job? Our own Nicole Boose tells us all about it.

Did you miss Dragon*Con? No worries. Our writers have the whole scoop!


Kids & Education

Kathy says: “Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, starts at sundown on Monday, September 16. The holiday is traditionally celebrated with a braided round challah, symbolizing the circle of the seasons. There’s a trick to braiding the dough: here’s my tutorial.

From Melissa: “I came across this 2011 post by Ellen about the Earworms foreign language apps, and my kids are loving them–we’ve got German, Japanese, and Arabic going here.”

Looking for some ideas for kids’ lunches? Bon Appetit has 25 healthy ideas!


Moms Only

How about a late summer drink? May we suggest the Moscow Mule? Don’t forget the copper mug.

Just when you found your next TV show staple, it gets cancelled. Fret not. Ruth’s got the inside scoop where to find your favorite new actors even though their shows have moved on. 

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