Girly and Geeky, All at the Same Time!

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One of the perks of writing for this amazing GeekMom site is finding other like minded people. Through the magic of the internet I stumbled across the blog of one of our loyal readers. Her name is Cindy and, although she’s not technically a mom yet, she’s one of the GeekTribe, for sure.

(Side note: she is a high school science teacher, which I think does count as being a mom, much of the time!)

Cindy has a lot of fun, geeky interests, but one of her most awe inspiring is her sewing. A year ago she decided to move beyond sewing elastic waist pants and zippered pouches and she dove into making herself a real dress. Fitted. With a zipper and everything.

Her bravery brought her a long list of completed projects, just twelve months later. And now she’s vowed to tackle harder projects in this new year. In these weeks of New Year’s resolutions, Cindy inspires me to step up my list.

Photo: Caiton Designs

Here are a few of her most famously geeky creations from last year, including this amazing Star Wars dress, that originally caught my eye. Head to her blog to see more detailed pictures. Don’t miss the view of the back, and her carefully placed characters.

Here’s a fabulous dress made out of Superman sheets, with a very cleverly shaped cut out on the back. Look familiar, Mr. Kent?

Photo: Cation Designs

Now head over to this post, to see her spectacular Batman creation.

I not only love the inspiration I receive from sifting through all of the projects on Cindy’s blog, I respect her humility. She’s very transparent about her weaknesses, when it comes to sewing, and documents her projects thoroughly. Honestly, it helps me feel better about myself, when the latest thing I’m creating seems a bit lopsided.

Way to go, Cindy! It will be fun to follow along on your projects for the new year. Here’s to another year of fabulous geeky creations!


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4 thoughts on “Girly and Geeky, All at the Same Time!

  1. I love this, thanks for sharing. These are the kind of inspiring real life geek mom (or dad) stories that really do inspire us. It’s about real geeks sharing their skills and interests and coming together as a community right?

    Also, the best part of that superman dress is the superman logo shaped hole on the back, such a simple and effective little detail that makes the whole dress come together.

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