When Does Amazon Become a Necessity?

Just over a year ago I signed up for AmazonMom. I received discounts on items I needed for my son as well as free Prime membership for up to a year. The Prime membership was dependent on certain purchases, which I met, but would only be renewed for a year for free, which I forgot.

This week I went online to order Doctor Who season five, at a greatly reduced price. I was shocked to see shipping charges for two-day delivery. I investigated and discovered that I no longer qualified for Amazon Prime, having reached my 12-month limit. I have loved having Amazon Prime. Two days wait and I get anything I wanted. A $5 book or a $400 stroller, it made no difference to them, it was here in two days with free shipping. For last-minute birthday gifts it was a blessing. For unexpected diapering needs, a life saver. But is it worth $80 of my hard earned money a year?  My answer would have to be, sorry Amazon, but no. It was nice while it lasted, but like my 30-day free trial of Netflix, it’s just not a necessity.

Ask me if I still feel the same during the Christmas season!

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