When Does Amazon Become a Necessity?

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Just over a year ago I signed up for AmazonMom. I received discounts on items I needed for my son as well as free Prime membership for up to a year. The Prime membership was dependent on certain purchases, which I met, but would only be renewed for a year for free, which I forgot.

This week I went online to order Doctor Who season five, at a greatly reduced price. I was shocked to see shipping charges for two-day delivery. I investigated and discovered that I no longer qualified for Amazon Prime, having reached my 12-month limit. I have loved having Amazon Prime. Two days wait and I get anything I wanted. A $5 book or a $400 stroller, it made no difference to them, it was here in two days with free shipping. For last-minute birthday gifts it was a blessing. For unexpected diapering needs, a life saver. But is it worth $80 of my hard earned money a year?  My answer would have to be, sorry Amazon, but no. It was nice while it lasted, but like my 30-day free trial of Netflix, it’s just not a necessity.

Ask me if I still feel the same during the Christmas season!

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8 thoughts on “When Does Amazon Become a Necessity?

  1. I have Amazon Prime (I pay for it) and I love it. There are four of us in this house (husband and two teenagers) and we all order things at various times. For $7 a month plus some change, it’s totally worth it, given that these days a $3-5 shipping charge is about the minimum you’d pay to have something shipped.

    It’s a convenience thing, too. For example, I needed a new metal basket filter for my Mr. Coffee. Amazon had it and would ship it free with Amazon Prime. Now, I could have driven to Target in hopes that they had it (no guarantee of that), which would have cost me more time and money (my time is worth something and gas isn’t free). Given how much our household shops online rather than driving from place to place to track things down (that we can’t always find), Amazon Prime ends up worth it. Plus, many of the movies Amazon streams can be viewed free with Amazon Prime.

  2. It would be nice to have the free 2 day shipping. I just bundle as much as I can and buy early to get the free super saver shipping. Everything gets to my house within 7-10 days so as long as I’m not shopping last minute I don’t pay shipping. I usually am able to buy most of my gifts on amazon months before Christmas or birthdays.

  3. I love Amaxon Prime and the $7 or so a month is very worth it to me, not only because of the free two-day shipping (it has saved me running out of dog food many times) but mostly because of all the free streaming video that now comes with it. We wound up cancelling Netflix and call and just use Amazon and Hulu now to watch Tv and movies.

    1. This–it’s the added benefits that they keep adding, like streaming video, that really make the price tag worth it.

  4. I was also disappointed when my Amazon Prime/Mom benefits ended. Truth be told, I was a little surprised too. My Amazon purchases have DEFINITELY increased with Amazon Mom, and I’m surprised they actually cut it so close to the holidays.

  5. My Amazon Mom just ran out as well. I plan to maximize my use of the Wish List function. If it’s under $25 and is not an emergency, it goes on the Wish List until I can bundle it with something else.

  6. I was never much lured by Amazon Prime… I usually bundle (yes, I’m a devoted Wish Lister, too!) or, more often now, I find that with poking around Amazon’s used or secondhand marketplaces, I can often get a new or practically new item for much less than what Amazon Proper offers… I just scored THE NIGHTTIME NOVELIST for four cents… $0.04… brand new, so it was more than worth the four bucks’ shipping.

    Oh – while we’re on the Amazon theme – any fellow GeekMoms reading the new Rick Riordan book, THE SON OF NEPTUNE? You’ll find the Amazon section of the book absolutely fall-flat laugh-inducing, if you haven’t gotten there yet!

    “The mortals don’t realize they are financing the Amazon kingdom. Soon, we’ll be richer than any mortal kingdom. Then – when the weak mortals depend on us for everything – the revolution will begin!”

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