This Week With The GeekMoms


Judy Berna is gearing up for her youngest child’s 11th birthday party, which may or may not involve herding a pack of fifth grade, candy fueled boys through a crowded movie theater. She also is excited about interviewing a new ‘leg guy’ in Colorado, since her bionic leg is due for some tweaking. Time to get in top form, to be able to tackle those mountain biking trails with her boys.

Dakster Sullivan is gearing up for her college midterms. After midterms are over she will be preparing for her first Vulcan Event – Away Mission Orlando.

Patricia is enduring her two-week Air Force Reserves tour working night shifts, but couldn’t believe she was on a flight from Pensacola to Atlanta Sunday night with the members of the band Jane’s Addiction (whose new album, The Great Escape Artist, was released this week)!  This GeekMom is a huge late 80s/early 90s Grunge Rock fan and to not only see the band, but get five minutes of their time chatting in the gate waiting area was AMAZING!  They apparently looked so ordinary when not wearing their costumes and makeup, a couple people came up to her after talking and taking pictures to ask: “Who are those people?”

Michelle McCrary has been working on her “Homecoming Queen Zombie” costume for a charity zombie race this weekend. She’s also busily making three costumes for her sons and a friend’s son for their middle school Halloween dance next week. Michelle is also hoping to get her hands on tickets to see an encore of Fantastic Mr. Fox, an interactive puppet experience, before it leaves her town.

Chaos Mandy is not doing anything this weekend! This Autumn has been chocked full of things to do so she is going to enjoy a well deserved weekend off, perhaps watching some scary movies since it is nearly Halloween.

Nicole Wakelin plans to break out her best Welsh accent as she becomes Gwen Cooper to her husband’s Jack Harkness at the neighborhood Halloween party.

Corrina attended New York Comic Con–her very first comic con!–with her two sons on Sunday. She was part of the Geek Parenting panel with other GeekMoms and Dads and then wandered all through the artist’s alley and the dealer’s area. Favorite swag: Gotham City Police Department t-shirt. Since then, she’s been rushing to finish edits on her superhero novella, Luminous, that’s coming out next May, so she can clear her desk and begin work on the GeekMom Book

Sarah is pondering how different she feels at 22 weeks pregnant with this son than with the firstborn. She isn’t at all sure that the Nutella and Glitch addictions don’t have something to do with the significantly different shape she is in. While pondering this at the weekend, she plans to seek out New Hampshire craft sales, libraries, and relatives, while the husband stays home putting together flat pack toddler furniture and dreaming of getting into the Star Wars beta.

Laura’s offspring introduce dinner table conversational starters like “squid have ambiguous genitalia.” She’s wondering if there’s too much science at her house. This week she’s writing about advancing learning (ours as well as our kids’) using Fun Theory.

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