The GeekMom Plays series features GeekMoms playing video games in a Let's Play style.

GeekMom Plays: Mech Mice Episode 2

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Welcome back to another episode of GeekMom Plays: Mech Mice. My daughter, codename Jaguar Girl, had so much fun trying out Mech Mice in beta that she asked if she could play through the entire first chapter. If you want to see how the first couple of levels went, check out GeekMom Plays: Mech Mice Episode 1.

My daughter really liked the game. During this episode, we talk about what different things can be done during a turn, and the variety of objects—both good and bad—that can pop-up (literally) during a level. She is 7, and played through the available levels in chapter one with little help from me. The game will still be available in beta for a couple more days. The game will be released on October 8, so time is running out if you want to try it.

Stay tuned for another episode of GeekMom Plays. Next time, my husband and I will be playing Borderlands 2.

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