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My daughter is really quite tech savvy for someone who just turned three years old. She can turn on the DVD player or the Playstation 3 so she can put in the movie she wants to watch. And she always wants to push the buttons on remotes and game controls. But I didn’t realize how tech savvy she was until last weekend.

My husband and I were talking about serious, adult things in the hallway while our daughter was playing in the living room. She tends to talk a lot to herself when she is playing so neither of us were concerned when we heard her sweet toddler voice talking.

Finally, I went back into the living room and I saw a strange sight as got closer to her. My smart phone looked like it was in the midst of a call. And it was – my toddler had managed to unlock my phone and call my dad. He was a bit bewildered why Emily had been talking so long but laughed with when I told him that she had called him herself.

I’m not sure how she managed to unlock my phone let alone manage to call my dad on his cell phone. I’m guessing she was button pushing and then saw her Pop-Pop‘s pictures which lead her to push buttons around his picture. She was very proud of herself for the rest of the day for managing to call him.

What tech savvy feats has your toddler managed to do?

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5 thoughts on “Tech Savvy Toddler

  1. My just-turned-two year old, Jack, knows how to use a mouse well enough to make a toon in World of Warcraft run around and fight bad guys . . .

  2. My 17 month old gets to use my ipad for various education apps so sometimes I catch her trying to “push” the pages of magazines (especially when they have pictures of animals!)

  3. My 17 month old gets to play with my ipad for various simple education games, and has done so since about 10 months old, so I used to find her trying to “push” the pages of magazines (especially if they have photos of animals!)

  4. My 3 year old (just turned 4) loves her ipod apps, figured out how to move around the icons, and loves e-Books (she started reading a little after 2). She has always loved playing with remotes, and knows how to use both the dvd player and the vhs player. Yes, she’s using legacy technology as we frequently pick up used kid’s videos from thrift stores and garage sales. Surprisingly we haven’t had incidents of sandwiches or other things going into the player either – I’d had to fix or replace parts in friends pc’s and media players due to that.

  5. Our toddler, who is just over 27mos. old, loves to watch the ‘Becca Show’ on her dads Blackberry (he makes videos of pretty well everything she does) – he gets the phone into the videos folder for her and she picks and watches (play/rewind/exit and start new) the videos of herself. She’s called her grandmother a couple times on my phone by finding the picture and presing the ‘green’ button. Also can use the mouse for the media PC tower we use for watching TV and find and start the movies in her ‘age appropriate’ folder.

    Our big worry is when she figures out how to unlock her dads phone – if she puts in the password wrong 4 times it will erase the entire phone since its a corporate security thing 😐

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