Wear a Runnur: The Non-Purse, Non-Backpack Carrying Solution

Image: Courtesy of Runnur

The first time I saw the name “Runnur,” I assumed it was for runners and didn’t give it a second look. (I’m only going to run when being chased, and even then, I’m not going far.) I’m glad I did give it a second look later, though, because it turned out to be exactly what I need.

There are those women among us who just aren’t purse-carriers. I am one of them, and I’d venture to say a lot of geek girls are as well. I usually carry my wallet in one pocket of my jeans and my cell phone in the other, and that’s about all I need–until summer comes, when my preferred outfit turns into a light dress or skirt. Those don’t come with handy pockets, and if they do, the whole garment gets thrown out of shape by the weight of something like a cell phone. Then there are the times that even jeans pockets aren’t enough to hold what I need for a day out.

Enter the Runnur, a “mini-backpack” that takes the shape of a padded strap in a loop you wear from left shoulder to right hip.

With pockets for your ID, everything your wallet could hold (it even has credit card slots), your phone, a camera, glasses, and more–including a carbiner clip at the bottom–the Runnur is the non-purse purse for women like us. (Or men who also have run out of pockets.) And although I suppose you could run while wearing it, it’s also exceptionally handy for mothers, since it leaves your hands free for carrying children or grabbing falling toys–and it won’t slip off your shoulder like a purse strap.

This weekend I even discovered an extra pocket I had noticed before on the inside of the Runnur. It turns out this is the secret passport-sized pocket. After having my wallet stolen in The Netherlands several years ago, I’ve generally stuck to wearing my passport in a pouch under my shirt. But in a situation where I might need easier access to it during the day for ID, the Runnur will be an excellent second choice for carrying it.

The ID and wallet pockets are appropriately located in the front. The bottom pocket in the back is meant for a water bottle, and the Runnur definitely wears better with the weight of a bottle in that pocket. I have worn it without, though, and it’s fine. On another occasion, I used it to stow a juice box for my preschooler, and that was perfect as well. That does mean, however, that you have to keep in mind what’s in the back of your Runnur when you sit down. The camera pocket is in the center back, and it would be bad for both your camera and your spine to sit down on something hard too fast. One day I stored a second juice box in the camera pouch instead, and when I sat, I would swing the whole Runnur a bit to the front so that I wasn’t leaning on the juice.

The Runnur comes in five sizes and four colors and sells for $39. But if you zip over to Tippr (a daily deal website), you can get one along with Runnur’s aluminum RFID wallet for $34.

Disclosure: I received a Runnur for review.

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