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It’s almost fall, which means I can’t stop looking at boots on Zappos. A year ago, I had trouble finding affordable steampunkesque boots I liked. This season, there are so many, they might as well start steampunk.zappos.com. There are also a lot of flats if your costume vision includes a lot of walking. Here are my favorites:

Madden Girl Zhesty, comes in black, cognac, or grey. $69.95.

Not Rated Official, comes in black, grey, and tan. $63. (These also come in a shorter version called Spin.)

Madden Girl Gemini, comes in brown and black. $69.95.

Promiscuous Pilar, which it says comes only in grey, but the pictures look quite brown to me. One of the comments mentions having ordered the (apparently previously available) brown and that they looked grey. $71.20.

Madden Girl Devotid, this color only and only available in sizes 7 and 7.5. $53.96.

Yellow Box Andie, comes in brown and black. $54.

If, on the other hand, you’ve got an extra $1,100 lying around, may I recommend the Ralph Lauren Collection Safara? I’ve had my eye on this line for a while, as it has many lovely steampunk and non-steampunk choices. At the prices, however, I expect it to remain a one-sided love from afar.

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7 thoughts on “Dreaming of Steampunk Boots

  1. On another note… I’m not fully on the up and up when it comes to steampunk … I’m not even sure I know what steampunk is. But after looking at the shoes you’ve posted I think you’d be an excellent candidate for falling in love with Fluevog shoes. I’m a Fluevog addict and although they are more expensive than virtually all of the pairs you’ve mentioned sans the Ralph Lauren pair — I want to put in the caveat that if you take care of your Fluevogs they’ll take care of you. I’ve had the Black and Tan pair of my Mini-Sugars for 6 years now and they are still in mint condition becuase I take care of my leather and I have the heel caps replaced at the beginning of each fall season ($15)… So in the long run they’ve cost me less than $60/season and they just keep on going.

    Here’s my 2011 picks from Fluevog that fit the style in your phots:




    1. I’ve been loving Fluevogs from afar for a few years now and haven’t managed to buy any yet. I had a pair I loved on my Amazon wish list too long, and they stopped having them. But I look every so often for a new pair to love.

      My day job is in open source software, so I first came to Fluevog because of the words “open source” and “shoes” together. 🙂 http://www.fluevog.com/files_2/os-1.html

  2. Oh… and as a side note for the Fluevogs — they are super comfy. Even with the 3 1/2 inch heels. I hate heels — with a passion.

    I wore the Mini Sugars (that last link) for my wedding and I was on my feet for 12 hours including dancing and running from one area to another trying to get everything done and they were awesome. My feet were tired (because whose wouldn’t be after 12 hours of standing, walking, running) but they were comfy and easy to walk in.

  3. I wanted to buy a pair of the boot but you can’t command them in canada… I’ll need to search more

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