The 2011 Star Wars Fan Film Challenge: Cast Your Vote!

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There’s still time left to vote for your favorite Star Wars Fan Film over at the 2011 Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge ! You have until July 14th to cast your vote, and the winners will be announced at the San Diego Comic-Con later this month!

Back in 2009, Olivia Munn asked me to write and produce two short films designed to promote this event. As a gigantoriffic Star Wars freak, they were fun to write, and once we got to Comic Con, it was double fun to be surrounded by like-minded people who got my jokes about the Kessel Run and Womp Rats. (Which I tend to make quite a lot in casual conversation, as it turns out.) And I can tell you, straight up, that there are so many talented filmmakers out there! Some of these films are incredibly creative, quite well made, and hilarious to boot.

Hey, here’s some links to the two I did! Won’t you watch them please? I worked so hard on them and was SEVEN AND A HALF MONTHS PREGNANT when we made them, so while you take a look, I’ll just sit here and wait for you to finish and then send me my medal.

Operation Olivia: The Star Wars Fan Film Challenge, Episode 1

Operation Olivia: The Star Wars Fan Film Challenge, Episode 2

BONUS: Here is a picture of Olivia and Josh touching my big ol’ belly at the screening.

Josh, Kristen & Olivia at the Star Wars Fan Film Challenge 2008
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