It’s Wedding Week at GeekMom!

A possible geeky wedding ring from our friends at ThinkGeek.

All this week is Wedding Week here at GeekMom. We will be running posts on the geeky side of weddings, from the music to the theme to geeky elements you can include in your wedding. Please share your geeky wedding stories with us in the comments to any of the wedding-related posts this week!

[If the image has given you any ideas, you can get the Secret Decoder Ring from ThinkGeek.]

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3 thoughts on “It’s Wedding Week at GeekMom!

  1. The Throne Room/End Credits music from Star Wars was my processional; “Ease on Down the Road” (a nod to my mom) was the recessional. The officiant started with “Mawwiage… mawwiage is what brings us togevah today….” and ended with “May you live long and prosper, and may the Force be with you” (both were a surprise for my Hubs). Our cake topper was Han & Leia amigurumi, crocheted by my sister. Perfect!

  2. The geekery was actually pretty subtle on our special day. We really wanted the Star Wars award ceremony music for our recessional but the church we were married in was pretty old-school, so that was out. DH had a yin-yang button cover where a bowtie would have gone, and our friends taped M:tG cards to our car antenna (among all the other crazy things done to the car). At the reception, our matron of honor threw a “live long and prosper” into her toast, and our first “everyone” dances were to “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” and “Time Warp”.

    A few years later, we renewed our wedding vows at the ren faire, in full garb.

  3. Our wedding was full of geeky touches. Our ceremony music came from the soundtrack of our first-date move – The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. We wrote vows that mentioned jet packs and my husband’s electronics graveyard. We made our card box in the style of a question box from Super Mario Bros. And we set up an arcade complete with Bad Dudes in the classic cabinet! It was a perfect day because it included so many elements of our shared geekdom!

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