Happy Birthday, Captain Jack Sparrow! The Geek Roles of Johnny Depp

Captain Jack Sparrow

Ah, the ever swoon-worthy, Johnny Depp. It’s not just anyone who can manage to pull off big 80’s hair and eventually find his way to playing the most famous drunken pirate ever. Personally, I’ve loved him ever since Freddy Krueger horribly gutted him in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Stupid Freddy Krueger killing off the cute guy, but lucky for us, he survived in real-life and has a long list of quirky movie roles for us to enjoy.

If dark, moody and slightly creepy Goth is your thing then check out Edward Scissorhands or Sleepy Hollow. Looking to relive the stories of your childhood? Then watch him take on the roles of  Willy Wonka or the Mad Hatter.  Maybe you’d like to see him get really crazy, and sing, as he slits people’s throats in Sweeney Todd?  The list is practically endless!  Today happens to be the 48th birthday of the versatile Mr. Depp, so in his honor I’m going to watch a couple episodes of my favorite Johnny Depp role ever.  That’s right, I’m regressing to my teenage years and breaking out 21 Jump Street.  I hear they’re turning this into a movie and you can bet I will be first in line.

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