A Science Wedding For Geeks

Photo: Lisa Rigby Photography

Location, Location, Location. It can make or break you in business, but it’s also pretty important when you’re planning a wedding. Where does a bride hold the event she’s been planning in her head since preschool? Oh, admit it, if you’re a girl then you’ve been planning it for at least that long if not longer. And who hasn’t had an ever changing list of bridesmaids in their head since before they even had a boyfriend? If you’re like most women, then you probably imagined your wedding reception at a swanky hotel or a cozy little inn. But maybe, if you’re a bit of a geek, then your perfect location has the names of famous scientists engraved on the walls, full-scale dinosaur models and working Tesla Coils.

That’s what Sarah Nelson thought when she got married last October at the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts. While looking around theknot.com a simple location search turned up the museum and she knew it was the place for her wedding. The options were incredible. You could pretty much rent out the whole museum after hours, getting married in the Mugar Omni Theater, or the Planetarium, or surrounded by Tesla Coils. The museum even has a wedding coordinator who will help you plan the details and two assistants that are all yours on your special day. And forget pictures in gazebos or standing on quaint bridges. Sarah and her new husband Simon got to pose with dinosaurs and satellites and giant globes. Yeah, these are not your everyday wedding photos.

Photo: Lisa Rigby Photography

Although the event was held in a supremely geeky location, the ceremony itself was much more traditional. They did not have Han and Leia as a cake topper nor did the groomsmen dress like stormtroopers. There was, however, one additional bit of geek flair on their special day. After the ceremony the bride changed into a lovely evening gown, complete with d20 necklace and Nintendo mushroom earrings while the groom wore a matching 8-bit tie. It was a perfect blend of geek and tradition on what was definitely a day to remember for everyone. So if you’re planning a wedding and want to lend a little geek flair to the occasion, then step away from the hotels and inns and check out your local museum for a wedding that is truly out of the ordinary. 

Photo: Lisa Rigby Photography

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