Botox for an Eight-Year-Old?

I would never change my daughter's looks with extreme means like Botox.

More headlines of parents taking extreme measures to make their children “perfect.” How much is too much?

A little while ago I wrote about a 7-year-old girl who got plastic surgery to “fix” her ears. Now it has come out that an 8-year-old has been injected with Botox to get an edge on the pageant circuit.

I thought the plastic surgery was bad enough, but at least that was done by a doctor. The pageant mom did the Botox to her daughter herself because she was afraid her daughter was going to get wrinkles!

It’s hard enough being a girl in this day and age without your parents telling you that you aren’t perfect and therefore we must fix you.

And honestly, I think what Botox mom did was criminal, as what would have happened if she had gotten the levels wrong. It could have really hurt that little girl for no good reason. And what was the mom’s explanation? She claimed everyone on the pageant circuit was doing it! And apparently the authorities agree as the child was taken away from her mom.

I know I’m biased when I think my little girl is very beautiful. I really hope I can teach her that beauty comes in all forms and that she doesn’t have to do extreme things to her body just to fit into the social norms of beauty.

What do you all think about this story?


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