GeekMom Game of Thrones Season 3 Tea Party Recap — Episode 4: “And Now His Watch Is Ended”

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Watch the GeekMoms streaming live, right now! It’s all about the Game of Thrones third season, and the fourth episode: “And Now His Watch Is Ended.” We streamed live, but you can still check us out in the following video. Beware: we try to keep it spoiler-free, but there’s always a chance we let something slip!

Sadly, Andrea was sick this week, but we look forward to her joining us again next Sunday night!

Check out the full post for the video and highlights from this episode.


  • Corrina notices the theme of betrayal throughout the episode.
  • Natania waxes philosophical (again) about Theon and choices made by Martin and the writers on staff
  • We talk about women and their roles in this episode, and their continued awesome (especially House Tyrell)
  • Natania decides there was not enough Tyrion in this episode
  • Sansa is still annoying, and clearly hasn’t heard the first rule of Game of Thrones: “Don’t bother with hope.”
  • How awesome was the use of CGI?
  • And the body count rises.
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