Seen at Toy Fair: The World’s Largest Puzzle (An Opportunity For Serious Family Time)

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I was thrilled (and a bit overwhelmed) to attend my first International Toy Fair in New York City last weekend. One of the best parts of the day was finally meeting in person with a fellow GeekMom writer, Amy Kraft. Having a face to face conversation with someone you’ve traded emails with for months is a fun way to spend an afternoon. We both went home from the event with lists of new products we’d love to tell you about. But until we can get them written up, I thought I’d share just a small preview of one of the amazing things we saw on display.

Photo: Judy Berna

As previewed on GeekDad last week, the world’s largest puzzle was unveiled by the Ravensburger Company. It’s not just a gimmick that was brought out for the show either. You too can own this massive puzzle. You can haul it home with a hand truck (because the box it comes in weighs 42 pounds). And no, it doesn’t come with assistants to help construct it.

That’s up to you, your kids, and any stray neighbors and friends you can coerce into coming over to help (it has over 32,000 pieces to sort and organize).

It’s a beauty, for sure. It’s bright and colorful and I could have stood there examining it for a very long time, if I wasn’t being mowed down by other Toy Fair attendees who were ready for me to get the heck out of the way. You can read more about it in GeekDad Matt Morgan’s post last Friday. The details of this magnificent puzzle are truly startling.

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