A Small Step Towards Independence: A First Alarm Clock

Image via Flickr user M.V. Jantzen

My daughter asked for and received her first alarm clock this Christmas. She is in first grade and we thought it would help her get up and get ready for school in the morning. She is notoriously slow in the mornings, which makes me dread those teen years, but we hoped that maybe if she had an alarm clock it would help light that proverbial fire under her so she would get ready quicker. Now that she has it there has been one thing we hadn’t counted on. She now has a radio in her room. Of course she wanted to listen to it, but the question was, what station could we put it on that was appropriate for a six-year-old?

In the car, we listen to several stations with various types of music, but when something inappropriate comes on, i.e. anything from Britney Spears, we change the station. Now that she has the radio in her room, we are no longer there all the time to change the station if a non-parent-approved song comes on. Our temporary solution has been to put it on the local Spanish station. She doesn’t understand a word but she likes having the music on. Who knows, maybe she will pick up a few words. I have also thought about Radio Disney, but I don’t like a lot of the starlets they push. So many of them have imploded and set bad examples, see Britney Spears again. Have any of my fellow GeekMoms run into this issue? What kinds of music and/or stations do your kids listen too?

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