Geek in Orlando: Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Orlando Eye Attraction

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The Coca Cola Orlando Eye.  Image: Orlando Eye
The Coca-Cola Orlando Eye Image: Orlando Eye Twitter

The Coca-Cola Orlando Eye is the centerpiece of International Drive in Orlando, Florida. Despite the Orlando Eye’s appearance, it is not a Ferris Wheel. It’s considered an observation wheel because it has stable capsules, supported by an A-frame, and offers an unobstructed 360-degree view. There’s a total of 30 pods that weight an impressive 6,600 pounds each.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should check out the Orlando Eye on your next trip to my hometown.

  1. Take in the view – The Eye reaches 400 feet in the air and is the largest observation wheel on the East Coast. You can see as far as Disney on a clear day. (Some say you can see as far as NASA, but, personally, I find this hard to believe.)

    What a view right?  Image: Dakster Sullivan
    What a view, right? Image: Dakster Sullivan
  2. Air-conditioned and relaxing – Sit or stand in one of the air-conditioned pods for the 23-minute journey around the eye. It’s a relaxing way to chill out while you take in the 360-degree view around you.

    Relax and enjoy the view of the Orlando Eye  Image: Dakster Sullivan
    Relax and enjoy the view of the Orlando Eye Image: Dakster Sullivan
  3. Learning adventure – Each of the 30 pods has two tablet devices with updated information on the views you are taking in that allow you to learn more about the sights in real time as you enjoy the ride.

    Orlando Eye iPad  Image: Dakster Sullivan
    Orlando Eye iPad Image: Dakster Sullivan
  4. Revisit Value – Everyone has a different time they say to visit. Since a second trip around is only $10, it’s worth it to go once in the morning and then again in the sunset/evening hours.

    Nice views from the Orlando Eye  Image: Dakster Sullivan
    Nice views from the Orlando Eye Image: Dakster Sullivan
  5. All ages attraction – There is no height requirement for this attraction, so every member of your family can board the pod.

    Fun for the whole family.  Image: Dakster Sullivan
    Fun for the whole family Image: Dakster Sullivan

Tips for Families

  • Strollers are permitted but not in the pods themselves. You have to leave your stroller behind in a designated area before being allowed to board.
  • Take some photos from a corner of the pod. This can make for some fun and wide angled shots.
  • Leave your tripod and large camera lenses that extend 24 inches at home because they will not be permitted.

Tips for the Anxious

  • I have an anxiety disorder and I’m terrified of heights and enclosed spaces, and I handled this attraction moderately well. What I found helpful was having a comfort tool (for me that’s my headphones and some music) and sitting in the center of the pod looking at the horizon and not down as we traveled.
  • Each pod can hold up to 15 guests and, pending the length of the line at the time of your visit, the flight crew tries to give each group their own pod. Your chances of getting a pod to yourself increase by avoiding peak operating hours.

The Coca-Cola Orlando Eye is located in the heart of International Drive at the I-Drive 360 entertainment complex. Tickets are available starting at $25 each with discounts available for military and Florida residents.

Disclaimer: GeekMom was given free tickets into this attraction in exchange for an honest review.

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