Review: Walt Disney World Resort: Extreme Vacation Guide for Kids

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disneyPerhaps it’s because my kids are homeschooled. Or perhaps I’m just geeky that way. But when my family decides to head out on vacation I go into hyper-drive. I see it as an opportunity to get primed for our visit to [insert cool vacation destination here], learn about the area, and delve into all sorts of activities related to our upcoming trip. We immerse ourselves in our planned vacation, seeking out historic information or maps of a city or details about must-see attractions. We live and breathe our vacation destination for a month before we’re set to leave.

Author Kate Reilly gets me! In her new book, Walt Disney World Resort: Extreme Vacation Guide for Kids, Kate presents more than 30 activities that will help kids prepare for and enjoy their visit to the Magic Kingdom. The only book about Disney travel that caters specifically to children, it begins with an introduction to Disney World and acknowledges that waiting for the trip will be the hardest part. The beginning of the book features ideas for counting down to the departure date and methods for earning money to spend during the vacation. (I love that she encourages kids to take responsibility for some of their spending money.)

The rest of the book is filled with projects that will help kids prepare for the trip or keep them wondering about the magic of Disney. Make a trading tote (for trading pins), an autograph book, a magic towel that transforms into a tote for visiting the water parks, or a water bottle tote. Or delve into the science of Disney with science projects that explore animation, hydroponics, fiber optics, and magnetism. In many cases, Kate offers related “Minnie Projects” that are easier to make and maybe better suited to younger siblings. Think of them as your Fast Pass to fun.

Once you’re on the road, there are games to play (no backseat bickering!) and then Kate walks young readers through the different areas of the park, making note of the must-see attractions. The final section includes a collection of projects that kids can do to preserve their Disney memories.

While the book specifically covers Walt Disney World in Florida, all of the projects and even some of the details about the park itself would just as easily please visitors to Disneyland in California.

The book is available from Polka Dot Suitcase or from Amazon for about $14.

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